How to use resin in an open back bezel

Using resin in an open back bezel seemed a very scary prospect so I didn't try this technique for a long time. I thought that it would be messy and need loads of cleaning up to look good but in fact, it is a really easy and effective technique that shows crystal clear resin at its best!

Open back resin seahorse pendant

Step 1: Make a seal


Cut a piece of brown parcel tape larger than your bezel and lie it sticky side up onto your acrylic block. Push your bezel firmly on to the centre of the tape to make the seal, be sure there are no gaps or creases in the tape. Secure you bezel to the acrylic block by taping down each side of the brown parcel tape (shown here with masking tape).

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Open back bezel tape seal

Step 2: Make a window

Before we start adding lots of resin, dried flowers or charms to our bezel I like to make a thin window of resin to provide a bit of depth between the surface and the added items.

Mix a small amount of enamel, enough to cover the base of the frame about 1-2mm thick (depending on the thickness of your frame). Pour the clear enamel into your bezel and leave to cure checking for any dust or air bubbles.

Once the resin is hard you can carefully peel off the tape. Give it a gentle clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly to remove any residue. 


Open Back Bezel Window

3. Adding your items


Begin adding your items. If you have a number of things, you may want to do this in layers over several days or simply put everything in at once. Make sure all of your items are dry or your beautifully clear resin may go cloudy.

Dry items resin
Open back resin seahorse pendant layers

3. Finishing

If for any reason you are unhappy with the finish at the back of the bezel (perhaps the tape was not entirely flat or has a rough surface) you can add a thin coat of resin to fill any gaps or bring back the shine.

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