Perfectly cured resin using Chemset enamel.

Lots of people have asked me how to get consistent results when working with resin, so here are my 3 tips on getting perfect results every time with Chemset enamel.

Perfectly cured resin pendant

1. Measuring

Accurate measuring is essential, I use digital scales accurate to 0.01 grams so I can measure very small amounts if I wish.

Be aware that a lot of scales will automatically turn off after a few minutes to save battery life. We all get distracted sometimes so the best way of measuring out your resin is to use 2 separate pots, one for the resin and the other for the hardener, this way if your weighing does get interrupted you can always measure it again before you mix the two together. 

Don't forget to 'Tare' (re-zero) the scales before you pour the liquid into your pot, you don't want to measure the pot too.

Find our scales and mixing equipment here

weighing resin

2. Mixing the resin and hardener

Stir the enamel carefully until fully mixed making sure you get all around the inside edge of the base. A broad stick is more effective than a thiner one, wooden lollipop sticks work well and can be reused. Once mixed set aside for about 5 minutes, I find any air bubbles caused by mixing seem to dissipate during this time.

After the resin and hardener have been mixed together you will have approximately 45–60 minutes to use it depending on room temperature, the warmer it is the less time you have to work with it. You will find the enamel will begin to thicken over time as the chemical reaction is occurring.

3. Curing temperature

When your design is complete check your work for any sign of air bubbles, if there are any, simply waft a flame from a gas burner briefly over the surface. Cover your pieces to prevent dust or pet hair settling on the surface.

Leave to cure for 16 hours at room temperature, make sure the temperature doesn't drop below 18°C during the curing process. You can speed up curing time by using a curing cabinet at 30°C - 40°C this will accelerate the process and allow handling within 2-3 hours.

For an overview on using our Chemset products see our resin page