The perfect Mother’s Day gift in 5 simple steps.

Happy memories in a resin pendant

Mother's Day is when we think about our relationships and the time we spend together. We hold pictures in our mind of happy days that bring a smile, a laugh and a warm sense of belonging. Both old and new photographs evoke strong memories that are too often packed in a box or stored in an endless gallery on our phones and rarely looked at. Lets dig out those beautiful memories and make something really special this mothers day.

Old photos

Step 1: Choosing your memory

It is very special to receive a treasured memory but it's great fun looking through the memories together.

If you want to use an old photograph I would suggest you make a copy and use that to make your pendant, this way you can produce a number of pieces from the original source and you don't have to worry if your work doesn't go to plan.

Post cards and maps are great alternatives if you want to remember a place or perhaps a memorable holiday?

Post cards

Step 2: Cutting out your image

If you are not confident at cutting out curved shapes the easiest pendant to make is a square or rectangular one. For more complex shapes here is a little trick that will help.

Press the pendant open end down onto an ink pad to leave ink around the rim. Press the pendant ink side down onto the image then wipe the ink from your pendant. Now you have the right shape, cut just inside the line to get a good fit.


ink pad template
uncut photo

Step 3: Sealing your image

Sealing you image correctly is the key to a great result when using paper or card in resin. If your image isn't sealed your image may darken and look a little grey. This is because when resin soaks into the fibres of the paper/card it has a similar effect to putting your image in water.

Working on a wipe clean craft mat, pour out some 'Slap it On' sealant, Modge Podge or PVA glue. Use an old paint brush to cover the image making sure you coat all the edges. Once dry turn the image over and coat the back. I like to repeat this process to ensure I have coated it completely. when your image is dry you can trim off any tails of dried glue.

sealing a photo

Step 4: Adding the image to the pendant

Make sure your sealed image is dry before placing inside the pendant, resin does not like anything damp and will either not cure correctly or blur your image over time so it's worth getting that right.

To make sure the image doesn't float to the surface, glue the it into the pendant with an epoxy glue such as Araldite, never use super glue with epoxy resin. I wouldn't use a PVA type glue at this stage because it is difficult to dry with no air circulating around it.

photo in bezel

Step 5: Pouring the resin

When the glue is dry carefully mix the resin and let it stand for a few minutes so any air bubbles introduced by the mixing process have a chance to dissipate. Pour in the resin into the pendant. Should air bubbles be present prior to curing these can be removed by wafting the flame from a gas burner briefly over the surface. Cove your pendant to prevent dust settling on the surface and leave to cure overnight.

Its not about the gift, it's sharing a memory

There is nothing complicated about making a memory pendant but it does take a little patience while drying and curing occurs. If you can't decide on your favourite memory why not make a bracelet with a series of treasured moments?

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