How to use colour paste with Chemset resin.

Pick a colour, any colour!

Opaque colour pastes give your resin a traditional enamel look without having to use a kiln. Standard colours can be mixed and blended to achieve endless shades and colour combinations.

Colour paste can be mixed with Chemset standard resin and hardener (ES 8102 & ES 8203) or low viscosity resin and hardener (ES 8103 & ES 8204).



Colour paste resin pendant

Mixing in the paste.

This colour paste needs to be mixed into the resin before hardener is added. A maximum of 5% colour paste to resin by weight should be added. The table below shows some example mixing ratios.

Mixing Ratios:

Resin Colour Paste Hardener Total Enamel weight
1.9g 0.1g 1g 3g
3.8g 0.2g 2g 6g
9.5g 0.5g 5g 15g

Colour blending


This brooch pin uses just 2 colour pastes, turquoise and white. A pot of each colour was mixed with low viscosity resin (ES 8103) and it's equivalent hardener (ES 8204).


Colour paste dragonfly brooch

Starting with the darkest colour, a tiny amount of pure turquoise coloured resin was added to the dragonfly with a wooden cocktail stick, the fill areas on this brooch are very small and quite shallow.

To go a shade lighter a small amount of the white resin mix was added to the turquoise then carefully applied to the dragonfly. More white was added each time to give lighter shades.

Find your perfect colour


There is a beautiful range of colour pastes available find them all here

Try it out with our dragonfly brooch here

opaque resin colour paste