Lisa Harmon: Portfolio



Designed for dog shows, my silhouette design sheets  are printed, cut and coated in resin. The most popular designs are dog paw prints, cats and butterflies. I have designed all aspects of Beading Fantastic's branding including advertising, website and product photography.

Little Big Planet PSP

Sticker style images created as environment textures for the Hollywood level. Plus extra themed sticker collections for the player to use.


A selection of sketches and paintings from collage and some life drawings from more recent times.



Killzone Assets

3D Textured assets for Killzone 2 using Maya and Photoshop.

LBP Costumes

3D Costumes for Sackboy Little Big Planet PSP.

Personal Work

3D scenes modled, lit and rendered in Maya.



Animal animation

Various in-game animal animations for Zoo Tycoon and a concept game using 3DS Max and Maya.

Humanoid animation

Concept animation, developing motion layering to reduce the quantity of animations with maximum variation.

A facial animation using a sound bite from the 11 second club (character animation competition).

Contact me...


Telephone 07989 832215