Don’t throw away your leftover resin…

Sheet resin

If you have finished casting your latest piece of jewellery and find you still have uncured resin left in your pots don't throw it away, you can create beautiful pieces from your leftover resin. Here's how...


Scrape your resin out of the pots onto a clean sheet of acetate with a lolly stick, add and mix whatever colours are at hand. I like to spread it out quite thinly, if it is spread in a thick layer you will find it becomes too brittle once it hardens.

If you only have clear resin try mixing some mica powder into the resin before spreading or even glitter. You could also add glitter on top of the spread resin for even more sparkle!

Once all of your resin is used up, cover, and let it cure. I find leaving it for 48 hours makes it easier to peel off the acetate. Now you can use scissors to cut it up into strips, mosaic squares, layer it or even make a picture from it.

Spreading resin

Get creative with your resin sheet

To make the rectangular pendant spread and mix a small amount of clear, red transparent and violet transparent resin on to a sheet of acetate and leave to cure for 48 hours. Peel the resin off the acetate and cut into thin strips, cut the strips down to fit the size of the mount. When you are happy with your design add a dab of clear resin to the base of the pendant and spread it out. Drop your cut pieces of resin into the mount and use a tooth pick if you need to move them around. Once cured top up with another mix of clear resin.


strtipe resin pendant

This square pendant uses a sheet of blue transparent and green transparent resin and a sheet of clear resin with silver glitter added. Sheet 1 was cut into little squares and fixed in place on a dab of clear resin. Once this had cured a thin layer of resin was added then covered with the second sheet of sparkly resin. To finish, top with clear resin.


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mosaic resin pendant