Designed by Olga Ingram, this fabulous netted necklace features both seed beads and sequins. This Jamila (Arabic ‘beautiful’!) necklace pattern is available to purchase from Olga Ingram at Upper Sheringham Beading group at the cost of £8.00.

Length shown: 39.5 cm (15.5 in) excluding clasp.

Each additional pattern repeat makes 2.5 cm (I in) length, and requires another 1.5g of size 11s plus 10 each of size 15s and of both sizes of sequins.

Olga will also have some sequins to buy if required at around £2 per pack


Length excluding clasp 15.5 inches / 39.5cm
Size 11 seed beads 22 grams
6mm flat round sequins 2 grams
3mm (or can use 4mm) flat round sequins 1 gram
Size 15 seed beads (on the sequins and for the ends) 1 gram
6mm (or 4mm) round beads, pearls or bicones (for the ends) 2
Clasp with rings big enough to take a loop of size 15 beads 1
6lb Fireline
You will also need scissors, and you may wish to use beading wax.