Designed by Olga Ingram, This simple and delicate necklace sits neatly at the base of the neck and is easy to stitch. This pattern is available to purchase from Olga Ingram at High Kelling Beading group at the cost of £8.00.

Length shown is 41 cm or 16 inches excluding clasp.



Length excluding clasp 41 cm or 16 inches
6mm bugles 4 grams
Size 11 seed beads – A (shown blue) 6 grams
Size 11 seed beads – B (shown yellow/green) 1.5 grams
Size 15 seed beads – C (holding clasp) 18 beads
Clasp - with rings big enough to take a loop of size 15 beads
Size 12 beading needle
6lb Fireline
You will also need scissors, and you may wish to use beading wax.