Gael Bracelet

Gale is a beautiful, joyful, tactile bracelet that is suitable for beginners. It is 17.5cm (almost 7 inches) long without a clasp. Fireline thread is recommended and a clasp with a large hole to bead through.

Each repeat is 9mm - 4 more pearls and 4 more Fire Polish Beads.

Gale Bracelet
Bracelet length excluding clasp 17.5cm  
Size 11 seed beads (centre) 2 grams
Size 11 seed beads (stalks) 2 grams
Size 15 seed beads (ends & clasp) 1 gram
4mm Fire Polish beads 36
4mm Pearls or round beads 66
6lb Fireline  
Beading needles in size 10 and 12  

You will also need scissors, and you may wish to use beading wax.