Fiesta Necklace

This Fiesta Necklace is a beautiful triangular design by Olga Ingram The triangles are created with cylinder beads / Delica seed beads.

Have a look at our new Delica colour selection here.

Necklace Length - excluding clasp 45cm/nearly 18inches
A - Size 11 Delica/Cylinder beads (inner ring of circles + dividing lines of triangles) 2 grams
B - Size 11 Delica/Cylinder beads (centre ring of circles) 1 gram
C - Size 11 Delica/Cylinder beads (top section of triangles) 2 grams
D - Size 11 Delica/Cylinder beads (side sections of triangles) 2 grams
E - Size 11 Delica/Cylinder beads (side sections of triangles) 2 grams
Size 8 seed beads (outer ring of circles) 1.5 grams
Size 11 seed beads (outer ring of circles) 3 grams
Size 15 seed beads (to attach clasp) 0.5 grams
6mm bicone crystals (ends) 2 beads
Superduos 32 beads
Clasp with rings big enough to take a loop of size 15 seed beads
Fireline (or thread of choice...but Fireline is easier to unpick!)
Beading needle
You will also need scissors, and you may wish to use beading wax.
Fiesta Delica Necklace